Małgorzata Pękala Design is a design studio established in 1993. I have graduated from Kenar State High School of Visual Arts in Zakopane (major in furniture design) and the Faculty of Interior Design and Designing of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. I have taken part in a number of exhibitions and competitions (honourable mention in the New Chair for Nowy Styl competition, nominated to the Śląska Rzecz 2007 award, two honourable mentions in the 2008 Furniture Diamonds competition). I design products, comprehensive corporate identity, interiors, exhibition and fair stands, provide stage designs, fabric designs, carpets and other interior items. I specialize in designing furniture for series production, also with the use of recycled materials. I give lectures on design and conduct design workshops with the focus on recycling and upcycling. What I can offer you, if you are: A manufacturer product designs in various styles (concept, prototype, design implementation control) An architect - interior design, original furniture designed to custom requirements and manufactured by my furniture contractors. Contract furniture customer - custom design furniture for the office, hotel, restaurant, pub, café and comprehensive designs, interior design of public space, office space, sale outlets, stores and other sale, commercial, exhibition, recreational, executive, conference rooms, etc.